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Boys Air Choir


Blue Bird (Japan Import)

Boys Air Choir - Blue Bird (Japan Import)

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Format: CD Album or Maxi Single
Front Cover: Lrg. / Med. Back Cover Lrg. / Med.
Boys Air Choir

Blue Bird (Japan Import) Staff Reviewed

An ethereal delight! "Blue Bird" is a breath of fresh air from a choir whose true talent had yet to be captured in the studio. Each selection is, in its own right, otherworldly. The use of studio reverb creates a sense of being in a stained-glass-window-adorned cathedral. The repertoire is beautifully chosen, and the accompaniment is very tasteful and complimentary. It does not overpower but provides the necessary emotional tension to reach the listener's soul. Though there is the innocence that so often comes with the sound of a boys choir, there is also a maturity in their sound and an understanding of harmonies, blend and balance far beyond their young years. The a-capella "Miserere" of Allegri is the quintessential track of this CD for me. Edward Burrowes' high C is brilliantly placed, clear as crystal, leaving one spellbound.

Boys Air Choir
Connor Burrowes (leader)
Edward Burrowes (soloist)
1. Bluebird
2. Lully, Lulla Thou Little Tiny Child
3. Magnificat in G
4. Nunc Dimittis
5. O for the Wings of a Dove {From "Hear My Prayer"}
6. Hymn-O for a Closer Walk with God
7. Miserere
8. Beati Quorum Via
9. Diaphenia
10. Sleepsong

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