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Aoi Yoru Complete Edition - Directed by YOSHIKI DVD (Japan Import)

X JAPAN - Aoi Yoru Complete Edition - Directed by YOSHIKI DVD (Japan Import)

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Format: DVD
Front Cover: Lrg. / Med. Back Cover Lrg. / Med.

Aoi Yoru Complete Edition - Directed by YOSHIKI DVD (Japan Import)
X-Japan's Aoi Yoru Shiroi Yoru concerts are now available on DVD for the first time ever!

Pioneering visual kei band X-Japan is one of the most legendary names in J-rock. Though the band officially disbanded in 1997, their music has never been forgotten, with the various members staying active in the music industry with new projects. Bandleader Yoshiki recently announced that the band would reunite for a new single and concert tour in 2007, and excitement is high to see the iconic X together once more, 10 years after disbanding and 25 years after the band's formation in 1982. The reunion will sadly be without Hide, who passed away in May 1998.

An older and wiser X-Japan still has much to bring to Japan's music scene, but there will never be anything quite like the band at their peak. X-Japan took to the stage on December 30 and 31, 1994 for two unforgettable nights of rocking. The first concert was called "Aoi Yoru" ("Blue Night"), the second "Shiroi Yoru" ("White Night"). The band performed some of their most loved numbers including Joker, Dahlia, Rusty Nail, and Endless Rain and Rose of Pain from their breakthrough album Blue Blood. Fans can now experience X-Japan's classic live performance with Aoi Yoru Complete Edition, which contains the complete Aoi Yoru concert recorded on December 30, 1994.

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