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Complete Artist List - JPOP

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Hana Hana CDs: 2
Hana no Asuka Gumi CDs: 1
Hawaiian 6 CDs: 1
Hayami Kishimoto CDs: 1
Hello Project CDs: 1
Hello! Project CDs: 1
Hide CDs: 2
hide with Spread Beaver CDs: 3
Hideaki Tokunaga CDs: 2
Hideki Tokunaga CDs: 1
Hikari Ishida CDs: 1
Hikaru Genji CDs: 7
Hikaru Nishida CDs: 3
Hikaru Utada CDs: 5
Hillone CDs: 1
Hinako Saeki CDs: 1
Hinano Yoshikawa CDs: 1
Hiro CDs: 4
Hiro (Hiroko Shimabukuro) CDs: 3
Hiroko Anzai CDs: 1
Hiroko Hayashi CDs: 1
Hiroko Kasahara CDs: 4
Hiroko Mita CDs: 1
Hiroko Moriguchi CDs: 1
Hiroko Yakushimaru CDs: 2
Hirose Kohmi CDs: 1
Hirosue Ryoko CDs: 1
Hito CDs: 1
Hitoe CDs: 1
Hitomi CDs: 2
Hitomi Ishikawa CDs: 1
Hitomi Mieno CDs: 2
Hitomi Shimatani CDs: 6
Hitomi Yaida CDs: 1
Hoshi kuzu Paradise CDs: 1
Hysteric Blue CDs: 1

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