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Complete Artist List - CLASSICAL

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O-Edo Baroque CDs: 1
Odile Bailleux (organ) CDs: 1
Oedo Symphonic Wind Orchestra CDs: 1
Oistrakh Trio CDs: 1
Okinawa Jazz Kyoukai CDs: 1
Okko Kamu (conductor) CDs: 1
Okko Kamu (conductor), Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra CDs: 1
Olaf Baer (baritone), Geoffrey Parsons (piano) CDs: 1
Olaf Ott (tb) CDs: 1
Olafur Arnalds (composer), Alice Sara Ott (piano) CDs: 1
Ole Kristian Ruud (conductor), Staff Band Of The Norwegian Armed Forces CDs: 1
Oleg Boshniakovich (piano) CDs: 1
Oleg Caetani (conductor), Robert Schumann Philharmonie, Chemnitz State Opera Chorus CDs: 1
Oleg Krysa (violin) CDs: 1
Oleh Krysa CDs: 1
Olga Andryushchenko (piano) CDs: 1
Olga Borodina (mezzo soprano) CDs: 1
Olga Borodina (mezzo-soprano), Valery Gergiev (conductor), Kirov Orchestra CDs: 1
Olga Scheps (piano) CDs: 1
Olga Scheps (piano), Matthias Foremny (conductor), Stuttgarter Kammerorchester CDs: 1
Oliver Baumont (harpsichord) CDs: 1
Oliver Schnyder (piano), Erich Hobarth (conductor), Camerata Bern CDs: 1
Olivier Latry (organ) CDs: 1
Oliviero de Fabritiis (conductor), NHK Symphony Orchestra CDs: 1
Ondrej Kukal (conductor), Hradec Kralove Philharmonic Orchestra CDs: 1
Ondrej Lenard (conductor), Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra CDs: 2
Ondrej Roskovec (bassoon) CDs: 2
Ondrej Roskovec (bassoon), et al. CDs: 1
Opera CDs: 156
Opera (Music by Shigeaki Saegusa) CDs: 1
Opera Theater Konnyakuza CDs: 1
Opera V.A. CDs: 4
OperaBabes CDs: 2
Orchestra du Nodame CDs: 3
Orchestra Ensemble Kanazawa CDs: 16
Orchestra Nipponica CDs: 1
Orchestre de la Garde Republicaine CDs: 1
Original Soundtrack CDs: 3
Original Soundtrack (Music by Jed Kurzel) CDs: 1
Original Soundtrack (Ryusuke Numajiri, Taizo Takemoto, Shigeo Genda (conductor) / The Japan Philharmonic Orchestra) CDs: 1
Orita Nobotta (conductor), Siena Wind Orchestra CDs: 1
Orpheus Chamber Orchestra CDs: 11
Osaka Men's Chorus CDs: 1
Osaka Municipal Symphonic Band CDs: 2
Osaka Shion Wind Orchestra CDs: 1
Osamu Kumashiro (trumpet), Masato Kumoi (saxophone) CDs: 1
Osamu Ogimachi (conductor), Tochigi-ken Symphony Orchestra CDs: 1
Osamu Takahashi (trumpet), Kiyotaka Noda (piano) CDs: 1
Osipov State Russian Folk Orchestra CDs: 1
Oskar Michalik (clarinet), Gunter Klier (bassoon), Siegfried Kurz (conductor), Staatskapelle Dresden CDs: 1
Osmo Vanska (conductor), Minnesota Orchestra CDs: 3
Osmo Vanska (conductor), Minnesota Orchestra, YL Male Voice Choir CDs: 1
Otmar Suitner (conductor) CDs: 5
Otmar Suitner (conductor) / Berlin Staatskapelle CDs: 2
Otmar Suitner (conductor) / NHK Symphony Orchestra CDs: 1
Otmar Suitner (conductor), Gunther Herbig (conductor) CDs: 1
Otmar Suitner (conductor), NHK Symphony Orchestra CDs: 4
Otmar Suitner (conductor), Staatskapelle Berlin CDs: 34
Otmar Suitner (conductor), Staatskapelle Dresden CDs: 9
Otmar Suitner (conductor), Staatskapelle Dresden, et al. CDs: 1
Otmar Suitner (conductor)/ Staatskapelle Berlin CDs: 2
Otomar Suitner CDs: 1
Otomar Suitner (conductor), Staatskapelle Dresden CDs: 1
Ottaviano Cristofoli (Tp) CDs: 1
Otto Klemperer CDs: 1
Otto Klemperer (conductor) CDs: 2
Otto Klemperer (conductor) / New Philharmonia Orchestra CDs: 2
Otto Klemperer (conductor) / Philharmonia Orchestra CDs: 13
Otto Klemperer (conductor), New Philharmonia CDs: 3
Otto Klemperer (conductor), New Philharmonia Orchestra CDs: 10
Otto Klemperer (conductor), New Philharmonia Orchestra & Chorus CDs: 1
Otto Klemperer (conductor), New Philharmonia Orchestra, Philharmonia Orchestra CDs: 1
Otto Klemperer (conductor), Philharmonia Orchestra CDs: 27
Otto Klemperer (conductor), Philharmonia Orchestra & Chorus CDs: 8
Otto Klemperer (conductor), Philharmonia Orchestra, New Philharmonia Orchestra CDs: 1
Oxford Camerata CDs: 1
Oxford Schola Cantorum CDs: 1

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