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Death Note / Death Note the Last name complete set [3DVD+CD]

Various - Death Note / Death Note the Last name complete set [3DVD+CD]

Price: $87.12
Format: DVD
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Death Note / Death Note the Last name complete set [3DVD+CD]
4 DVD box set.

The hit manga "Death Note" comes to the silver screen in two consecutive live-action theatrical feature releases! The Death Note, a notebook like no other . . . just write a name in it and the person dies. One young man discovers accidently discovers this dreadful notebook, and immediately starts handing out judgement to the criminals fo the world. On his tail is a detective named L, who would like to put the young man behind bars. Film stars Tatsuya Fujiwara and Kenichi Matsuyama. This box set includes both the first and second volumes of the film plus one bonus disc with making-of footage, bonus "Death Note Special CD" with special audio you won't hear anywhere else, and deluxe booklet.

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