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Japanese Movie


Kaiju Daifunsen: Daigoro vs. Goliath (Japan Import)


Price: $66.54
Format: DVD
Front Cover: - Med.
Japanese Movie

Kaiju Daifunsen: Daigoro vs. Goliath (Japan Import)
It's surprising this Toho co-production with Tsuburaya Productions never made it to the United States. Made with young children in mind, it tells the tale of the alligator-like space monster Goliath, who crashes to Earth and proceeds to bully the young hippo monster Daigoro. When the Earth monster appears to be helpless against his alien foe, he soon receives help from the humans who have cared for him since he was orphaned at birth. The film stars Hiroshi Inuzuka, one of the "Crazy Cats" and the late Akiji Kobayashi, who starred as Captain Muramatsu in the first "Ultraman" series and later became a familiar face several Tsuburaya TV series. The film was produced by Hajime Tsuburaya, the special effects wizard's first born son who died a year later at an early age. Toru Fuyuki, another "Ultraman" alumnus, composed the score. A booklet included.
Original Release Year: 1972
Running Time: 85mins.
Data Format: DVD Video
Regional Encoding: 2
Subtitles: Japanese
Audio Track :
  Japanese: Dolby Digital Monaural

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