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Alanis Morissette, James Taylor, Lawrence Schwartz (conductor), English Chamber Orchestra & Chorus


Jonathan Elias: Prayer Cycle (Japan Import)

Alanis Morissette, James Taylor, Lawrence Schwartz (conductor), English Chamber Orchestra & Chorus - Jonathan Elias: Prayer Cycle (Japan Import)

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Format: CD Album or Maxi Single
Front Cover: Lrg. / Med. Back Cover Lrg. / Med. Staff Reviewed
REVIEW: In my many years of classical CD retail, this recording has been one of my most requested albums and one of my own personal Top 5 “Desert Island Picks” for many reasons. When I had read that Jonathan Elias wanted to compose a choral symphony incorporating prayers in different languages with various themes using soloists from all corners of the world, I was highly intrigued. “The Prayer Cycle” ultimately made its first appearance as featured music in the ABC television series "The Century.” My first hearing was on classical radio as I was leaving for work, and its unparalleled beauty caused me to stay home and ultimately miss half of my work shift because I was emotionally overwhelmed … This work is in a rubato style (freely measured), very lush and thick in its romanticism. The English Chamber Orchestra performs brilliantly, particularly the oboist whose tone reminds one of a beautifully tragic human voice laden with unfulfilled longing. Each track has a prayer sung in a different language, and my only regret is that there is no translation of the text in the CD liner. The ethereal music more than makes up for that and translation is not essential to appreciate the divine beauty of the lyrics. Each soloist brings their own desperate passion to the movements, and most surprisingly is the appearance of Alanis Morissette in what I believe to be her most powerful and intense vocal contribution to date. This CD receives a 5/5 star rating, and the end result will leave you breathless and filled with hope as the prayers are offered.

1. Mercy
2. Strength
3. Hope
4. Compassion
5. Grace
6. Innocence
7. Forgiveness
8. Benediction
9. Faith

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