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Classical V.A.


Chopin Meikyoku Best (Japan Import)


Price: $49.25
Format: CD Album or Maxi Single
Front Cover: - Med.
Classical V.A.

Chopin Meikyoku Best (Japan Import)
Track Listings:

Disc 1
1. Fantasie-impromptu In C Sharp Minor.op.66
2. Raindrop prelude In D Flat Major.op.28-15
3. Mazurka No.5 In B-flat
4. Nocturne In C Sharp Minor.op.posth
5. Etude Op.10-12 In C-minor
6. Winter Wind(Etude In A
7. Berceuse In D-flat Major.op.57
8. Polonaise In A Major.op.40 No.1 Militaire
9. Nocturne No.5 In F Major
10. Ballade No.1 In G Minor.op.23
11. Barcarolle In F-sharp Major.op.60
12. Marche Funebre (Piano Sonata No.2 In B Flat Minor.op.35-3rd Mov.)
13. Chanson De L`adieu Etude In E Major.op.10-3

Disc 2
1. 小犬のワルツ[ワルツ 第6番 変ニ長調 作品64-1]
2. Etude Op.10-5
3. Waltz No.1 In E Flat Major.grande Valse Brillante
4. Nocturne No.2 In E Flat Major.op.9-2
5. Mazurka In F-sharp Minor.op.59 No.3
6. Polonaise No.6 In A Flat Major.op.53 Heroique
7. 前奏曲 イ長調 28-7
8. Waltz In C Sharp Minor.op.64-2
9. Mazurka In D Major
10. Scherzo No.2 In B-flat Minor Op.31
11. Piano Concero No.1 In E Minor.op.11-1st Mov.: Allegro Maestoso
12. Piano Concero No.2 In F Minor.op.21-2nd Mov.: Larghetto
13. Valse As Dur Op.69-1

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