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Japanese Movie


Shinobi (English Subtitles) Premium Edition [Limited Release] DVD (Japan Import)

Japanese Movie - Shinobi (English Subtitles) Premium Edition [Limited Release] DVD (Japan Import)

Price: $135.77
Format: DVD
Front Cover: Lrg. / Med. Back Cover Lrg. / Med.
Japanese Movie

Shinobi (English Subtitles) Premium Edition [Limited Release] DVD (Japan Import)
DVD release of 2005's blockbuster love story starring Yukie Nakama and Joe Odagiri. Premium edition includes the "Koga" and "Iga" bonus discs. Born only two fight, the two leads were born into opposing ninja training villages. After years living under truce, they are commanded by supreme shogun Ieyasu Tokugawa to settle their dispute for good. Unknown to themselves, the two successors of the Koga and Iga ninja villages fall in love . . . Moving them closer to bitter fate. "Iga" special disc includes making-of documentary (roughly 60 minutes), interviews with Yukie Nakama and Joe Odagiri, footage from the Japan premiers and official unveilings, and more. "Koga" disc includes visual effects development documentary (60 minutes), effects explanation, art explanation, weapons introduction, deleted scene (10-13 minutes), TV spots, and trailers. Set comes housed in a deluxe make-up style case with 12 special cards (5 Iga cards, 5 Koga cards and 2 secret cards,) a T-shirt with Iga and Koga crests, a shuriken (ninja star), 2 kinds of Makibishi pins (ninja caltrops), and a booklet "Shinobi Hiden no Sho " (includes visual story, secret story and more are expected). Additionally, this edition includes a bonus DVD containing music video for "Heaven," the main theme by Ayumi Hamasaki. Includes English subtitles.
Original Release Year: 2005
Running Time: 101mins.
Data Format: DVD Video
Regional Encoding: 2
Subtitles: English Japanese
Audio Track :
  Japanese: Dolby Digital 2.0ch Surround
  Japanese: Dolby Digital 6.1ch Surround

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