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Japanese Movie


Tokyo Zombie Premium Of The Dead [Limited Edition] (Japan Import)


Price: $68.10
Format: DVD
Front Cover: - Med.
Japanese Movie

Tokyo Zombie Premium Of The Dead [Limited Edition] (Japan Import)
Tokyo Zombie is a shocking new survival film/road movie starring the Japanese film underground's favorite stars Tadanobu Asano ("Zatoichi," "Ichi the Killer,") and Sho Aikawa ("Gozu," "Dead Or Alive")! Afroed Fujio and bald Mitsuo work at a fire-extinguisher factory in near-future Tokyo where they practice jujitsu and live like brothers when one day zombies from Japan's top waste disposal site--the trash mountain, black mount fuji--their lives are forever changed. The zombies' numbers grow, taking in even Mitsuo and forcing the two to put up their last fight before ever having the chance of travelling to Russia to study how to be the strongest men in the world. Can they save the world? Can Fujio and Mitsuo be reunited in their live(?)times? Premium of Dead limited editino includes bonus disc with 90 minutes worth of interviews, making-of footage, event footage, music videos, TV spots, and more. Includes bonus paper sumo wrestler designed by original author Yusaku Hanakuma.
Original Release Year: 2005
Running Time: 103mins.
Region Code: 2 (Japan, Europe, Middle East, and South Africa only)
Audio Track :
  Japanese: Dolby Digital

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