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Complete Artist List - WORLD

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E Arenas CDs: 2
E.T.Mensah & The Tempos CDs: 1
Earl 'Chinna' Smith with Soul Syndicate CDs: 1
Earl Scruggs CDs: 2
Ed Kenney CDs: 1
Eddie Boyd CDs: 1
Eddie Cotton CDs: 1
Eden Kai CDs: 1
Edip Akbayram CDs: 1
Edison Machado CDs: 1
Edith Piaf CDs: 7
Edmony Krater Et Zepiss CDs: 1
Edmundo Ros CDs: 1
Edu Lobo CDs: 3
Edu Lobo & Tom Jobim CDs: 1
Edu Passeto & Gui Tavares CDs: 1
Eduardo Gudin CDs: 1
Eduardo Gudin & Noticias dum Brasil CDs: 1
Egberto Gismonti CDs: 1
Egschiglen CDs: 1
Eilis Kennedy CDs: 2
Ekolu CDs: 1
Ektekan Party Of Krambitan Village CDs: 1
El Hadj M'Hamed El Anka CDs: 1
Elastic Bond CDs: 1
Elephant Man CDs: 2
Eliana&booker Pittman CDs: 1
Eliane Elias CDs: 1
Elis Regina CDs: 14
Elis Regina & Antonio Carlos Jobim CDs: 1
Elmore James & His Broomdusters CDs: 1
Elmore James & John Brim CDs: 1
Elsa Soares CDs: 2
Elsa Valle & Rumba Caliente CDs: 1
Elza CDs: 1
Elza Soares CDs: 4
Emel CDs: 1
Emil Chau CDs: 2
Emilie Claire Barlow CDs: 1
Emilie Simon CDs: 1
Ennio Morricone CDs: 1
Ensemble Academia CDs: 1
Eoin Dillon CDs: 1
Erasmo Carlos CDs: 4
Eric Bibb CDs: 1
Ernest Ranglin CDs: 4
Eros Ramazzotti CDs: 1
Errol Brown CDs: 1
Escalera al Cielo. CDs: 1
Eskorzo CDs: 1
Etana CDs: 1
Ethnic Music CDs: 2
Etta James CDs: 4
Eumir Deodata CDs: 1
Eumir Deodato CDs: 6
Exodus Steel Band CDs: 1
Exodus Steelband CDs: 1

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