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Complete Artist List - ENKA

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Jack In The Box CDs: 1
Jakusaburo Katsura with Manpuku Brothers CDs: 1
Jennifer CDs: 3
Jero CDs: 12
Jimi Shijimi CDs: 2
Jimmy Tokunaga CDs: 1
Jinsei Aida CDs: 1
Jiro Amakusa CDs: 1
Jiro Astumi CDs: 1
Jiro Atsumi CDs: 11
Jiro Echizen CDs: 1
Jiro Kanmuri CDs: 15
Jiro Soga CDs: 1
Joe Yamaguchi CDs: 1
Joji Yamamoto CDs: 14
Judy Ongg CDs: 2
Juichi Sase CDs: 1
Jun Mayuzumi CDs: 2
Jun Midori CDs: 1
Jun Misaki CDs: 1
Jun Tokura CDs: 1
Jun Yanagi CDs: 1
Junco-san CDs: 1
Junichi Kiriyama CDs: 2
Junko Akimoto CDs: 8
Junko Aoyagi CDs: 2
Junko Handa CDs: 1
Junko Ishihara CDs: 8
Junko Ishikawa CDs: 1
Junko Minazuki CDs: 1
Junko Nishida CDs: 1
Junko Ohashi CDs: 1
Junko Sakurada CDs: 1
Junko Takasugi CDs: 1
Junko Terasono CDs: 2
Junkosan CDs: 1
Junpei Oda CDs: 3
Juri CDs: 1
Jyoji Yamamoto CDs: 2
Jyun Tokura CDs: 1

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