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    How does the shipping time affect the rental time?

    It could take 1-2 weeks for you to receive the rental videos. This is not included in the rental period. You have 1 week from the time you receive the videos to watch them, before you have to return them. A video will only be considered late after 3 weeks from the shipping date. However, if you receive the videos in less than 2 weeks then please return them a week or less after you receive them.

    How do I erase the videos?

    If you plan on renting a lot of videos you should be able to find a Bulk Tape Eraser in hardware stores for $30-60. This is essentially a powerful electromagnet that you can use to erase tapes in 20 seconds or so.

    Another easy way is to copy over the tapes with something else. Just rewind the tape, put it in the VCR at night, press record, let it run to the end and the contents are over-written. You could switch to "Line 1" or "Line 2" if you would like a tape without any video on it (assuming there is nothing hooked up to those). Many VCRs will automatically rewind the tape at the end and some even eject it to make things really easy!

    Why do the rental prices vary?

    The prices vary depending on how much the video cost to obtain, how many times we except to rent it out, and how many VHS tapes it will take to copy. Videos usually cost from $20 to $140 US to obtain, and since we expect the video to be out for 2 - 3 weeks at a time, prices are higher than local rental stores which generally rent videos for a maximum of 1 week. The prices also include the cost of a blank tape, and some shipping cost. If a video rents well then prices may eventually drop.

    I like the video and want to buy it and receive a rebate. What do I do?

    If the video is still in print you can order it from us. We will give you a 50% rebate of the rental cost, so if the rental cost was $10, you would receive a rebate of $5. To claim the rebate, order the video and put "I rented this video and would like to receive the rebate." in the Comments box in the order form. We will then order the video for you and apply the rebate once we process the order. The video you receive will be new (not the rental copy).

    Can I rent the original video?

    At the present time we can only rent a copy of the original. Due to high brokerage and customs fees on returned items we often lose money on renting originals. Therefore we are unable to offer this service at this time.

    Am I able to rent videos and pay by money order?

    Yes, you can pay by money order, but you need to include a refundable $50 deposit with your first order. This is to cover possible late charges. We will hold onto the money until you email us that you would like a refund. Refunds will be issued using cheques.

    What is the quality like?

    The copy is made directly from the original. The listing mentions what the original format is (VHS, LD, or DVD). LD or DVD copies should look excellent. VHS tapes may wear down after time and could therefore have the occassional dropout. Most of them are in very good to excellent condition though. We use Maxell Gold VHS tapes, and record in SP. The tapes are recorded in Hi-Fi stereo using good quality VCRs.

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